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"My parents died a few years ago and, even though they had the best of intentions, never got around to doing a will or trust.  I was appointed the executrix of the estate and thought it would be a simple process to divide their estate between my 3 siblings and myself.  Unfortunately, my brother took issues with every decision I tried to make.  He refused to leave my parents' home, argued about the value of each asset that I had appraised, and hired his own attorney to attempt to delay the settling of the estate.  What should have been a simple division of assets took years to resolve.  Without the expertise of my attorney, David E. Jacobs, I would have never been able to settle the estate.  He was invaluable and took a very difficult situation and handled it with professionalism.  I appreciated his calm, caring demeanor throughout the probate.  I was so impressed by his handling of my parents' estate, that I have referred a number of people to him."
Cathy in Palm Desert

Real Estate Litigation

"In 2009 the Board of our Homeowners Association decided we should be forced to buy out our Lease from the Native American landowner.  This was going to cost us a tremendous amount of money we did not want to be forced to spend and would have saddled many of our neighbors who could not afford to buy the land with a huge Special Assessment.  Mr. Jacobs successfully represented our interests and the interests of our neighbors in stopping this abuse of power."

Sign me Ed in the Canyon

"My wife and I bought a lot to build a house on up here in Yucca Valley a few years back but were stopped from building by a neighbor who sued us, claiming that he had an 'easement' on our property because his garage was partly built on our lot.  The 'neighbor' was trying to shake us down to build him a new garage.  That didn't happen and Mr. Jacobs got the case dismissed."

Joe & Melinda, Joshua Tree

"David saved me from a terrible lawsuit over the sale of my home in Glendale.  I am an elderly woman and was being represented in the sale by an elderly friend who worked part time as a real estate agent.  The buyer was unscrupulous and the case would have been a nightmare if not for David and his advice to cancel the sale.  The buyer sued me, but ended up not only buying my home for full price, but also he paid me a nice settlement and gave me a full release from any future claims for repairs.  I don't know what I would have done without David."

Margaret, Indian Wells

Elder Abuse

My 89 year old aunt, who was alone in her house, was severely beaten by her caregiver; all her funds were embezzled by this individual and his wife.  David Jacobs came to my aunt's rescue.  I live out of state, and didn't know where to begin to help my aunt after she contacted my sister and I, frantically asking for help.  Thankfully, I was referred to David by a nursing home administrator who knew of his work with the elderly.   David took my aunt's case and worked tirelessly to help her regain her assets, her dignity and aggressively pursued her abusers through the criminal justice system.  There aren't enough words to describe the integrity, responsiveness, professionalism and kindness of David Jacobs and his staff.  They often visited my aunt to check on her and see she how she was doing.  They answered any questions she had concerning her case.  Although frail, my aunt was ready to fight her abusers and David always kept her informed.  I will be forever grateful for what he did to save my aunt from physical and financial despair.  I hope that if anyone has a problem with elder abuse that they will be fortunate enough to talk to David.  I would be more than glad to talk to anyone who wants to know more about my aunt's case-it is complex and only someone who understands elder abuse law can help.  Please contact David's law office if you would like my contact information.  I will be more than happy to recommend David Jacobs.   He is the very best!
Gail Penry
Dallas, TX